About Me


My name is Marina and I am from Cleveland, OH. I am a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in Criminal Justice, Communications (concentration in Interpersonal Relationships), and Women and Gender Studies (concentration in Domestic Violence Prevention and Services). I also have a minor in Forensic Science. Yes, I did have to take a breath, but I have a lot of interests, love school, and am quite indecisive. I am passionate about social justice and have interests in history, sociology, and law. My favorite area of study is interpersonal communication because I enjoy being able to understand the theory behind who we are as people and why we behave as we do… almost like a soft combination of psychology and sociology. I also love criminal justice and am very intrigued by the Danes’ justice system and penal reforms.

I love basketball, music, and sneakers. I will do just about anything in pursuit of knowledge and adventure, I love to be outside, and look forward to the opportunity in every day. I cannot wait to be abroad and share my experiences!