My Apologies

I understand it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog. I wish I could say it’s only because I’ve been busy, but I’m sorry to say my laziness has also had an impact. Still, I hope to catch you up on all I’ve done! Possibly ambitious but well overdue, I aim to post a blog per day this week to cover my activities in the past month and a half. Topics will include: my study tour to Sweden, a visit to Frederiksborg castle, my first recreational trip abroad, studying genocide in Hamburg, a quick update and ballet review, and a recap of my in-depth study of prostitution in Amsterdam. Again, I apologize for my lack of publication. I’ve started quite a few posts, been dissatisfied with their direction, and in turn ended up not publishing. I’ve also had a lot of complex topics to detangle and finally feel that I’m in a good place to explain my thoughts. After a few days of pen-and-paper writing in my personal journals, I have some things to tell you about. See you soon!

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